Company Profile

G. L. Stone Consulting Limited was founded by George Stone in 1969 to provide consulting and inspection services in the protective coatings field. The company was born out of an industry need not being met at that time, creating independent third party coatings inspection services that had not previously existed in Canada. As a result, G. L. Stone has been instrumental in bringing the quality of inspection, and ultimately the quality of painting to much higher levels than previously achieved in Canada. We have offices in Mississauga and Hamilton, Ontario, from which we manage domestic and international consulting and inspection projects.

GLS has developed a reputation for integrity and expertise well respected in the coatings industry by combining sound coatings technology with an unbiased and practical approach to achieving optimum coating system performance.  Our continuing commitment to these basic principles assures that projects involving GLS have better quality and  lower costs for the life of the coatings than may otherwise be possible.

In order to keep up with the latest coatings technology we maintain active membership in SSPC, The Society for Protective Coatings, the most significant North American organization addressing industrial coatings issues.  We have been involved with the development or revision of many of the standards referred to by painting specifications and used daily in our industry. Most of our personnel also maintain memberships with NACE International, the oganiziation that first developed a full training program for coatings inspectors.